I have presented open system as art for a while.

I have interested in sharing process which is ongoing at the place, rather than static object. This is the message for my country facing unprecedented epoch from I as japanese. I feel it important to confront what is hapenning as it is.

At 311, I lived in a city far away from disastered area. It seem nothing changed at that time, but I can feel a few vague scenery from my living area and tons of severe information from media. I got our country's situation gradually and most of them are hard to understand for me. but on the other hand, many of important topic have masked. the impression of these disaster and connected many layer of problem is first, void for me, but changed blank. Ofcourse we lost a ton. but I don't think japan also lost the right answer for society. I think many of the people trust easy myth without facing up reality. the lost space seem blank for un-snswered question for me. and this question is changing even now. that what I think after the disaster.

I use technology for my art piece, but always conscious about technology itself.

An artist, born in Tokyo, 1980. Based on acoustic technology as a central axis, he has been presenting systems as artworks exploring organic syntheses of perception, environments, and the human body. His interest is to realize open system by new media as fine art, which aim to investigate possibilities of art as alter nature by technology. He has shown his several project as solo and group exhibition, "the world filled with blank”(2013, kunstquartier bethanien/berlin, kdmofa/Taiwan),“SOUNDART - sound is a medium of art”(2012、ZKM、Germany)、“OPEN SPACE2012”(NTTICC、Japan)、「Simple Interaction - soundart from japan」(2011、museum of contemporary art, Denmark)「ISEARUHR2010」(2010、kunstverein dortmund) and more.

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